If you would be interested in having a look at how your structure affects your functioning, this might be for you, especially if you have had AT lessons. The monthly session includes some hands-on work and lasts 1 hour.

The session was very helpful...

… my use of myself has improved by as much as (roughly) thirty per cent. Knowing the position of, and thus where to release, the psoas muscle, is for me, potentially as life changing (as when you informed me, ten years ago, that my head/chin was pushed/poking forward!) As is knowing how and where to ask the diaphragm to release. Taking full breaths feels marvellous. Many thanks for putting these sessions on.

AP (pupil with chronic pain)

'a very helpful and interesting session'

When I inhibit & direct etc. then release the psoas at both ends my pelvis moves and ankles do not roll in! A very important discovery. It was a very helpful and interesting session thank you, and great to see you again.

BK(yoga teacher)

Thank you Miriam!

I really enjoyed the class, you got through a LOT but it didn’t feel at all rushed, Everyone seemed very engaged with little light bulbs lighting up as they ‘got’ it. Everyone seemed engaged.

VT( ex ballet dancer)

surprised and delighted

I enjoyed it, constantly surprised and delighted by how much there is to find out!

VT (kayaking enthusiast)

Thanks, Miriam, for another most informative session...

Thanks, Miriam, for another most informative session. I find that being aware of these muscles, form and function, really helps me to be more effective in ‘saying no to’ and ‘directing’.

I’ll be with you again on Dec 3rd – same time, same place!

SH (academic)

Yesterday was really helpful...

Thinking of the chest/shoulders/arms as wings stirs a sense of flight and freedom. I found a huge feather recently at a key time and holding it at arms length I can really feel the uplift.

SK (company director)